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Evenin Boys,
My sights came today at 2:30pm. Got them on.
First thing I feel I should say is "if you not comfortable working on weapons or don't want to get them scratched up because you get in a hurry, take it to a gun smith". Ok, that's out of the way. Now,,,
First off, watch the video..

Here we go, I got the tools layed out and started. I put tape on it so I wouldn't scratch it. Then I TAPPED it out. Then cleaned the area REAL good. After I did what the video showed me to do, I tapped the front sight in. Got it linedup to where I liked it and was done with that one.
Same for the rear, tape it and tap it out. Getting the rear one in and lined up was NOT easy, but I took my time and had to switch to a metal punch, but it went. It took me about 2 hours, but I enjoy working on my weapons and just take my time.
I like how it came out. I think I will change the front sight to the red one just to see how it works for me.
It's too darn cold out and it's gonna be that way for a few days for me to make sure it's sighted in. Sighting it in is an important step with new sights and I don't want to cold, I'm only going to do this part once.
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