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I would like some info from the forum members. I am going to purchase a Bersa Thunder 380+ for concealed carry. I want the extra mag capacity the Plus offers.
For the life of me I don't know why Bersa doesn't offer the Plus higher capacity in a concealed carry model like the Thunder CC. The description on the CC says "extended capacity magazine", but it only lists as 8+1 in the specs (
On one of his videos (IV8888) Eric tests the gun and mentions that with larger hands the hammer can bite you (I have small hands). I imagine the smaller tang on the CC model could worsen the problem.

I had thought about buying a bobbed hammer from the CC model and having a gunsmith install that hammer on the Plus. I assume the bobbed hammer would fit. Anyone think this will work? I realize that I still would have the larger tang but thats OK.

I know the trigger has a heavy pull, my main reason for wanting to switch is so it would be flush, like the CC model hammer (to prevent snagging)

Any online gunsmiths you might recommend or any other recommendations in general?

Thank you for your time,
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