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Hello guys/gals, new guy to the forum. Quick background, Im a TX CHL instructor and have a good amount knowledge on various firearms. I am new to Bersa as I just picked up a used BP9cc from a buddy who was in need of some money. I got it at a good deal. I took it apart last night and gave it a good cleaning/oiling. I loaded up the magazine and cycled through the mag to see how well it cycled. Not the same as going to the range and actually putting lead downrange. :) Each time did this it would fail to extract the 2nd to last round. I did this about 20 times with both magazines with same results. The round would stay locked in the extractor. No matter how hard I racked the slide it would not eject case. If I removed the magazine and put one more round in it, it would extract. If I just load one round in the magazine, cycle the slide it will eject case. It is 100% reproducible with both magazines. At this time, I have fired the gun 0 times, so I have had no range time with it. The guy I bought it from made no mention of failure to extract. Heck, It may be why he sold it to me without full disclosure. But for what I paid, I figure I can send it back for repair if need be.

I was looking for your thoughts and opinions on this. Please ask any questions that you feel will help you better understand my situation if I have failed to make sense. :)
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Send it in for repair. Make the seller pay the shipping charges.
Welcome to the Bersa Pistol Forum from the Lone Star State.

Since you have not had the time to fire your BP9cc to check it out the only thing I can think of are the magazines that came with your Bersa BP9cc. Bersa does seem to have some trouble with non Bersa magazines so maybe you should check if Bersa has their name stamped on your mags. Also if you have not done it do take your mags apart, check them and do a good cleaning and lubrication on them.
You said it failed to extract on the 2nd to last round, are you loading the full 8 rounds in the mag?
Do let us know what happens at the range when you test fire your BP9cc, just be safe.

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