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BP9cc Anyone have one?

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I am considering the purchase of a Bersa BP9cc and would like to hear from anyone who has any experience with one.
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I don't, but...
I have an older Thunder 380 and a <1 year old 9mm UC Pro and I can tell ya, you get more than you pay for.
I bought the BP9cc last evening and after a quick cleaning, I shot close to 70 rounds through it. The feel of the gun, the sights and accuracy right out of the box was far better than I expected for the price. The trigger pull was very smooth and light, The first break was amazingingly smooth and the recoil was very manageable. I am very pleased, but I did experience some pinching of my trigger finger between the bottom of the trigger and the guard. I changed the position of my finger higher up on the trigger. and it stopped. With the light trigger pull this was not a problem and was very easy for me to adjust to.
My wife has a thunder 380 and she is quite good with it. That was one of the primary reasons I was considering the BP9cc. Now I own it and am very pleased with it. To all those that say "It is under priced for the quality and performance you get" I won't go that far since I like a bargain and would'nt want to spoil things for other bargain hunters. Thanks for the reply!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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