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Bersa Thunder 9mm UC Ammo Choices

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Hi Guys,

Ammo question - I'm shooting 115 grain ammo. Should I be using the 124 or 147 grain instead? also, other than the grain, what are the advantages of the different grains in the 9mm ultra compact? I've searched our site, but find little on the 9mm Thunder UC. Thanks for your insights.

Allen Air
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What are you looking to accomplish? I don't have a BERSA 9 but I've got a couple of Glocks and have used/use a variety of ammo and brands. Are you wanting just ammo in general or SD or what? You might wanna be a bit more specific. I love Freedom Munitions (remanufactured) ammo for general use and target practice. It's cheap but well made. Any weight is fine.

I use Remington Golden Sabers 124gr +P bonded HP for carry/SD ammo. It, too, is inexpensive for a good SD load ($25 for box of 50) and I get them from SGAmmo ( | Family Owned and Operated Ammo Sales, Stillwater OK) new.
In my Glock 19, I carry either Speer Gold Dot 125 grain +P, or Federal 9BPLE 115 grain +P+, the old Illinois state Police load. Both give 400 ft lbs from my Glock. The 9BPLE +P+ started as a pripretary ISP load, the spread to other LE Departments. It has been around for a couple decades. Places like Selway Armory, Ammunition Depot, and SG Ammo usually have it. I think NYPD uses the Gold Dot in their Glock 19s.
Hi AllenAir. I always use 115 gr ammo in my 9mm when I go to the range however this is only for target practice because it cost less and I enjoy my time at the range. Reduce the cost of my ammo at the range and I get to practice more.
My carry and home protection ammo in my 9mm is Hornady Custom 124 gr JHP. When I do fire the Hornady Custom 124 gr JHP at the range I can not feel any difference plus my aim is the same. I am not sure if one is better than the other but I do know the 158 gr ammo I use in my Ruger sp101 357 is a hand full.

Just got back from vacation and ready to go to the range.

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For target practice ammo, starting back about three years ago as I was replacing and/or increasing my 9mm stock I did so with 124s. At the time, I had a supplier who was selling American made, brass cased 124s cheaper than I could get 115s at other suppliers. For my SD mags, I use Federal Premium 147+p JHPs. The funny part of it all is that after more hours of reading about ballistics than I like to admit, buying a second 9UC, I still carry my BT380 the majority of the time with Corbon DPX JHP rounds in the SD Mags.
I have the bersa uc9mm and fired the silver wolf steel case ammo and out of 100 rds 3 had failure to eject. They all fired great and accurate but the cases that didn't eject had another bullet ready to go into the chamber.

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Howdy and a big welcome to Bersa Pistol Forum, glad to have you on board. Please let us know a little about yourself by going to New Member Introduction and posting.

Have you tried any non steel case ammo?? I have never used steel case ammo since most people I know say that steel case ammo in pistols can cause problems however I can not say that from experience.

Mornin frankcastle,
I don't think the steel case lets the case expand in the barrel when fired like brass does. How is the POI pattern with steel?
Before I started re-loading, I found that different brands of ammo would give me a different pattern. Different barrels will like different setups. I remember working out the load of my 9UC, it took me a week. I would try different brands of powder, change the amount of powder by 5 grains at a time, then when I got the smallest pattern, I changed the OAL. Then went back and re checked the powder amount.
You would be doing the same thing by trying different brands of ammo. They use different brands of powder, different amounts and different AOL of the bullet. All will change the impact of the bullet.
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