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Bersa Thunder 9mm Not going into battery after loading 1st round

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I'm working on a Bersa Thunder 9mm Not going into battery after manually loading 1st round and firing that round, and I need to push forward on the back of the slide to get the trigger to work and fire the next round all factory 9mm ammo. That continues for a few more rounds and then the last rounds work properly in double action like it should. My first diagnosis would be light recoil spring. Could I use a glock recoil spring to see if it helps?
Any thoughts would help....thanks...Mark
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If it's like my Bersa 45, the problem is easy to find. Force it to shoot through a mag or 2. Take the slide off and look inside at the long block to the rear. I think the firing pin goes through that, not sure though, If that block is scored on the bottom by the shell casings it will look coppery. buff that part and will fix. Not much though. that controls how tight of group you get. I overdid mine enough to double the size of my groups, so be careful. It does not jamb at all anymore. As it got hotter I guess the shells were dragging the slide and keeping it from going to battery.
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