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Afternoon guys/gals, well i wanted a thunder 9 pro 9mm pistol and today i found one
at my local pawnshop. the pistol is in vgood shape, only one 17 round mag came with it.
will be looking for two more 17 round mags.
I like the looks of the pistol, not too heavy, just right size..
I am sure that everybody has seen the 9 pro, so no picture to look at.
If there is a person that would like to see my bersa, let me know.
it is all black, nothing fancy to see.
has anybody brought any promags for this pistol.
i heard that they are good/bad working or not.. let me know.
midway had some promags for $19.99 anyplace else they are $40.00 or more..
well, this is my new to me bersa 9mm pistol.. i will enjoy shooting it..
where do i go to find the built date for my pistol? serial# A04844:cool:

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The Thunder Pro 9HC is a nice handgun, a little big and heavy for my taste. I carry the BT 9UC Pro with the 9HC mags as my EDC. The conversion started as an attempt to gain grip length to accommodate my large hands.

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