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bersa thunder 45 pro uc

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Hi all--I have now owned my bersa thunder 45 pro uc for several months--put about 300 rounds through it, and find it to be extremely reliable, no jams or failures with 4 different brands of ammo so far. Love the compactness, accuracy, and solid build to it. However, I have been searching for a everyday ccw holser for it and am failing!! I would prefer leather, but even a fobus would be great for now(no nylon)--my triggerguard is squared off and have the full rail to end of barrel--any suggestions? Thanks
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holster suggestion

Look at UBG holsters. www dot ubgholsters dot com. Handmade holsters with lots of different styles.
Check Gun Broker, looks like (not a 100% sure) all uc use the same holster
Try a Fobus Model SG239 or a Model sG239R eighther one will fit the 45 UC
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