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I bought a thunder 380 and had jamming issues. Most problems were caused when I used pro mag magazines. Then I switched entirely to Bersa factory mags and the problem went away. They cost twice as much as pro mags but are worth the price if you are going to carry concealed.
Another thing I discovered was that you need to put several hundred rounds through the pistol to break it in.
After that things went quite well at the range. In fact, another shooter looked at my target and commented that my shots were very tightly grouped when I was shooting at 21feet. I attribute this to the nice sights.

As for my Bersa 380 CC. I had to have my dealer return it to the factory. Would not fire more than two before jamming. The on location gunsmith tried it and said it was really tight and hard to cycle. His thought...bad machining.
I expect it to perform 100% when I get it back or I will ask for a refund.

Am keeping the Thunder.

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Welcome to the Bersa Pistol Forum.
Please keep us posted as to what Bersa did to repair your BT380CC and has it corrected the problem...


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