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Bersa Thunder .380 won't fire DA consitantly.

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I have maybe 250 to 350 rounds thru my .380 Thunder and have a problem with it not firing DA as well as an occasional jam. Both problems were like right out of the box. The range I was on is also the shop where I bought it. They had their in house gunsmith work on it thee times and the problem persisted. Finally they sent it back to Bersa. Six weeks later it comes back with a $17.50 S & H charge, and the problem still exists. I found that with the wood grips it won't fire DA at all and off and on with the rubber grips. Has anyone else experienced this, or do I just have a lemon? I bought this gun to replace a PPK that was stolen in a burglary. I wanted it for my carry piece but now I don't have any confidence in it. I'm wishing I had spent the extra couple hundred bucks and bought another PPK. Anyone with any input would be appreciated.
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It is strange that Bersa and the gunsmith where you purchased the gun could not fix your problem.
Does your BT380 fire in S/A.
What happens in D/A. Does the hammer go back when you pull the trigger or what happens.
Will it fire the first time in D/A and not the second time. If so do you release the trigger completely before firing the second time.
When you pull the trigger for D/A does the trigger go back like the magazine was not installed or safety was on.
Like Tony says, were you able to make sure to let the pistol reset? I know that is some really simple stuff, but it amazes me how many times we overlook the simple in search of the (non-existent) complicated reason(s). Didn't have problems like you recount above, but I had a Bersa CC 380 model. It was too small for my hands so I had a friend make me some wood grips for it. It has been a while and I don't remember 'zactly the problem, but a small edge of the new wood grip on the right side (?) was rubbing and the plastic grips didn't. Caused problems that made me nuts :mad: for a while til I found it. I, too, find it a bit discouraging that a dealer's gunsmith and the factory couldn't remedy this. Doesn't make for happy NOR satisfied customers. Good luck!
To respond to the above. It will fire DA for a couple of mags and then just quit, the hammer will fall, but the gun won't fire. When this happens I can manually pull the hammer back, squeeze the trigger and it fires. I'm totally baffled. Then there is the jamming problem. I have two magazines and both are Bersa factory, came with the gun. Neither one has ever been disassembled so it's not an improperly installed spring. I just can't understand why the factory would have it for six weeks and return it with out a remedy for the problem. Makes me wonder just how much of a test they did on it. I guess I'll just keep shooting it and see what happens. In the mean time my carry weapon is going to have to be my Beretta PX4 Storm Compact. Not as consealable as the Bersa, but very reliable !!
Just thinking out loud here, but I had a Taurus revolver (38/357) that got like that sometimes. You pull the trigger and nothing. Dent the primer a little but no bang. Pull the hammer back and bang! The hammer stroke was shortened just a bit so it didn't hit full force. Got that fixed and the gun was fine, although I don't know what the guy did to fix that. Might've even been timing. Hard primers in the ammo come to mind too, but if they're firing all other times it seems (IMO) that the problem seems to lie with the short-stroking hammer fall. Or is the actual firing pin possibly getting crooked or improperly positioned at times and not doing the deed? Can you see if it has play or slop or twists?

What's chances of a replacement? If the dealer/gunsmith can't fix it and the factory can't (seem to) fix it, why not ask for a new gun? It's BS that you have a new weapon that NOBODY CAN FIX! :mad: Again with the Taurus, when fixing it (another episode entirely) wasn't feasible they sent me a brand new gun almost 8 months after I got it -- and I'D BOUGHT IT USED!!! Taurus was a standup company but it looks like you, unfortunately, are dealing with less than stellar customer service entities.
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I would check with the Bersa repair centers about this part.
Also, join us over at There are several people who are very familiar with Bersa repair procedures.

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Welcome to the Bersa Pistol Forum from The Lone Star State. Glad to have you on board Jeffrey55.

Some wood grips don't fit very well and can impinge the external operating mechanism. Put the original grips back on it and try it. Also, take it apart and THOROUGHLY clean it. Clean the firing pin and channel and dry completely - DO NOT lube in any way. If the problem is sporadic, as you describe, it's entirely possible it did not occur while Bersa had it. My wife and I both have Thunder 380's with a couple thousand flawless rounds through them. When I installed wood after-market grips on mine, I had to trim them back at the top.
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