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bersa thunder 380 plus grips

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Just got them.Had to do some final adjustment-nothing major .


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Welcome to Bersa Pistol Forum Ross, glad to have you with us.
Those are some great looking grips you have there, are those finger grooves on the grips?? And where did you get them??

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Yes Tony they are with finger grooves and thumb rest.I got them from Marshal grips in Poland.It takes 12-14 weeks to make them.They are very good but slow.
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I checked out their web site and they Had some nice looking grips. I will check if my wife likes one for her CC pistol.
A nice warm look with the wood grips.
What wood did you choose?

On the site I was not clear what wood was available for Plus grips.
My 380 Bersa Thunder Plus is still on order - somebody help me - I've already started shopping for accessories !
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Howdy and a big welcome to Bersa Pistol Forum, glad to have you on board.
Please let us know a little about yourself by going to New Member Introduction and posting.
Again Welcome.

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Just got them.Had to do some final adjustment-nothing major .
My Bersa Thunder Plus arrived, but had to be exchanged (new one back to me soon I hope), so I am about to order wooden grips. Being small-handed I'm hoping the thumb rest and finger grooves somewhat offset the chunky grip feel.
On the Marschal web site I discovered your grips in the price list pull down menu.
1) Do you find the wooden Marschal grips with finger grooves to feel thinner, the same, or thicker than the default rubber grips?
2) Are the photos you shared of Walnut with red finish??? The Wattle finished in red also looks nice, but the Walnut looks to have a finer grain in the photos.
The Hunt for Slimmer Bersa Thunder Grips

Being small-handed the original Thunder Plus grips are chunky to me. I've had no success finding thinner grips. Hopefully it is helpful to others to have the aftermarket grips available for the Bersa Thunder Plus summarized in one place. Please add to this if it is incomplete.

Original Bersa Thunder Plus grip
- Rubber wrap-around grip
- No other Bersa Thunder Plus grip options offered by Bersa in the US
- Several aftermarket grips for Thunder and Thunder CC are available
- Bersa Thunder and Bersa Thunder CC grips do not fit Bersa Thunder Plus
- Model 85 grips have been modified to fit Thunder Plus
SUCCESS! Bersa Model 85 Wood Grips Modded to Fit Bersa Thunder 380 Plus! Pic Heavy!

Tillander grip for Thunder Plus
- Two panels
- Tillander reports panels are same thickness as original grip
- Absence of grip in front should reduce overall circumference but
also may give ever so slightly less purchase
- Multiple high impact resin colors and patterns available
- Available through eBay or GunBroker; links found at Tillander web site
Tillander Gun Grips | Custom Gun Grips | Custom Pistol Grips
- Tillander is responsive to inquiries through eBay

Marschall grip for Thunder Plus
- Two panels, perhaps thicker than original?
- Absence of grip in front should reduce overall circumference but
also may give ever so slightly less purchase
- Multiple woods, configurations, and finishes available
Options include, plain, finger cuts ambidextrous, right or left hand thumb rest, with or without finger cuts, 11 different woods, 6 different finishes, and 4 different textures
- Available through Marschall web site
- Email did not get delivered
- Reports vary; delivery time can sometimes be quick, or weeks

Designer grips for Thunder Plus
- Website offers grips (panels) for Bersa Thunder, but does not list Thunder Plus - Home
- Previous link to grips for Thunder Plus currently not active

Altamont grips for Thunder Plus
- Currently manufactures Thunder grip (panels), but not Thunder Plus grips
- No reports gathered about thickness
- Responsive to website inquiries and willing to put your name on a waiting list. Should Altamont decide to make Thunder Plus grips you would be notified they have become available
Bersa | Altamont Company
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Hi "The_Consultant" and thanks for the info on Bersa grips. I checked out Altamont Company site and found a set of grips I like for my Bersa 380. It is the Super Rosewood Smooth grips and at $35.00 not a bad deal. I will have to think about it but it does look cool and may be just the thing to make my well used Bersa 380 look like new.

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