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Hi everyone!

I just bought my first gun (for concealed carry)! After a lot of thought I landed on the Bersa Thunder 380…. In pink! I just went and bought some ammo, and did not think about the casing at all until after I got in my car. I got Blazer with the aluminum case. Now I’m nervous about shooting it, is the aluminum case okay or does it cause issues? I know it’s pretty much the cheapest ammo you can get and not used as a self defense round, just wondering before I go out target shooting if I’m going to run into any problems because of the aluminum cases.

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Hello Miss, Here is a quote from a page on Ammo "There are currently two companies producing aluminum-cased ammo: CCI’s Blazer line and Federal Premium Ammunitions. Both of these companies are held in high regard and would not risk their reputation for an untested and unproven product. The reality is, aluminum bullets are neither untested nor unproven."
Are Aluminum Bullets Bad? | Ammo Planet . I would certainly think a quality company like CCI would have done major testing before releasing a product for sale. Should Be easy enough to find out.
I have read several places here that Bersa people have jam issues with steel case ammo which I have not used either. I prefer lowest grain bullet with brass case for the recoil advantage since the 380 is a small handgun. It could be you will have less recoil with aluminum case if they are powder loaded lighter and use lower grain bullets. I would like to hear back from you if you try them out.
Hope some other folks will be along to share info.
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