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Bersa Owners still happy?

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I was watching my wife clean her Bersa Thunder .380 this weekend and I couldn't help but notice how much more wear her little gun has already than any other gun I've owned for a longer period of time.

I'm not sure if the wear I'm seeing is just cosmetic, or if parts are actually wearing out.

Are you owners of Bersas still happy with your guns?

So you feel like your Bersa has held up well?

Has anyone had one long enough to feel like thier gun has worn out and needs to be replaced?

If you were to make the purchase again, would you stick with Bersa, or would you go with a more expensive .380?

Acquiring minds want to know ... :smt102


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Just sold my Bersa Thunder .380....$150..A great deal for the buyer.No longer was
a benefit to me.Like I said.It was just too big and outdated for a carry
pistol of that caliber.My next purchase for a carry pistol?Ruger LCR .357 Magnum.
Great carry pistol.Small,light,and deadly.
I've put 5k rounds through my UC9 with zero FTF or FTE... no matter what I cram into the mags.. not since the first day, with a limp wrist FTE on the very first magazine, has it done anything wrong.

Bersa steel pistols are a bit heavy, of course, and the UC9 is kind of big for concealing.. but really not any bigger than a Glock 26.. with the right gear it's useful enough, and I don't really like striker guns, can't fire them from uncocked state, much prefer DA/SA hammers.... I confess to have recently started pocketing my NAA .22 mag folding revolver and leaving the heavy stuff at home.. darn thing clips into shirt pocket and looks like a cell phone.. :) and it will shoot through both sides of an empty 55 gallon steel drum... a little powerhouse..

anyway, as to the thread, my Bersa UC9 and my Bersa Firestorm .22LR are both failure-proof in my opinion... completely satisfactory... great value for money... and should last forever..
Interesting thread. I've heard that the newer T380s take more break in to fire reliably than the older models did. True?? Who knows. My personal experience almost had me taking the pistol back after the first box of 50 rounds. 20 failures to feed, fire or extract (and yes, it was thoroughly cleaned before range time). Second box was 12 failures, third box 7, fourth box 5, fifth box 3.

In the 2000+ rounds since then, there hasn't been a single issue except one failure to fire. A subsequent DA pull and the round fired. That happened over 900 rounds ago and I attribute that to ammunition.

This pistol is a 'tack driver' and is my current daily carry. My deep concealment is an NAA .25.

As for the .380 round being effective, with todays technology, the only thing that might inhibit its effectiveness is shooter competence. I strive to perforate a lemon sized spot in the bullseye at 30 feet. Don't always get there, but an Israeli Colonel we crosstrained with, could consistantly do it with a Beretta .25, so it IS possible.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
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The .380, in my opinion ,is adequate for a S/D carry gun.I carry the Ruger
LCP and feel more than comfortable with it.In my earliar post,I was refering
to the size and weight of the Bersa Thunder .380.I carried the Bersa for quite
some time and it was the gun I would always carry.Then along came the
"carry boom".All the big name manufacturers hit the engineering tables
and began a race for super concealment guns.A lot of lightweight
material,thiner,and a size compact down design made me give up my Bersa.
Are the new guns better?Probably not.Are they easier to carry than the Bersa?
As much as I liked the Bersa?I like my Ruger LCP 10 times better.It holds
the same amount of rounds as my Bersa did,much smaller,lighter,thiner,and
just as,if not more, acurrate.Now it's Bersas turn to get on the band wagon.

Mine still looks great after 6 years, but it lives in a rug mostly and is my truck/travel backup gun. It also goes boating/camping since although I would hate to lose it, if it went overboard or was terminally confiscated it would bother me least. 700 rounds and not a glitch.

It was my first semi-auto purchase since years ago I thought all I would want need was S&W 686 and "small" semi-auto. Hence if I were to do it all over again I probably wouldn't buy it, but it was something to get me started and the price was right.

It is a soft shooter, accurate and reliable. I have two extended magazines so 10 rounds of 102 gr Golden Saber is nothing to trifle with.
I've had my 380 Thunder since it was introduced here in the U.S. It still continues to operate flawlessly and is extremely accurate. I'm sure I have several thousand rounds through it. I have no reservations about using it as my summer carry gun.
i'm not sure if this has been covered in this thread, but her goes.

some suggestions for BT 380 owners.

1...thoroughly clean mags & clean & lightly lube gun before first range trip.

2...avoid steel case ammo. 200-300 rds of FMJ before attempting hollow points. WWB has a flat nose which resembles hollow points & can cause issues if used for break in. mine shoots Remington, Am. Eagle & Magtech & now WWB with no problem.

4... use only Bersa factory mags. pro-mags are totally unreliable. they're ok for range but don't trust them for CC.

i own 4 bersa & they have all been great pistols. best bang for the buck on the market, & don't forget the life time warranty.

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First off the lifetime warranty is ok if you are the original purchaser but not for subsequent owners....

I've had 2 Bersa 380 Duo Tones and both are gone to new owners...both had the famous "disconnect spring" issues that plagued the 380's for some time...they were both "fixed" by a Bersa warranty station in Colorado but I paid the freight to get the guns there for repair. I'll make a comparison here that I made when making my decision to get rid of the Bersa's. I can buy a surplus Makarov (any manufacture except Chinese or Polish) for a couple of hundred bucks...they shoot the 9x18 Mak or 380 depending on the model...they are all steel, about the size of a Bersa 380....are solid as a rock...will fire any ammo thrown at them (they were weaned on Wolf steel case ammo and shoot Silver bear hollow points all day without any issues....a Bersa will fall apart with Silver Bear in short time). The Bersa was a decent little range gun... I'd never use it for a defensive weapon as the disconnect spring issue is intermittant and leaves you with a weapon that is not usable...and the safety when the magazine is out is nothing I want in a defensive weapon....look at the posts about the magazine falling out that have been posted. If you drop the mag you can't shoot....another case of protecting us from ourselves. I don't know about the 9 and 45 cal and would think they might be a better choice for s/d based on what I've read...I personally think the 380 is not suitable for a s/d weapon that needs to be 100% reliable. I was told to fire 200-300 rounds to get it "broken in" 300 rounds the galling wear on the slide really concerned me (yes I properly lubed and cared for the pistol)...I'm just not a fan....the thread was how many have kept them...and I'm one that didn't and won't buy another.
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Yep....still happy and would buy another ....JJ
I have a Thunder in .32 that I got just because I like .32 and it was the most solid of the ones I looked at. I've been very happy with it and it's been humming along with over 2000 rounds through it.
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I've had a Thunder UC 40 for about a year now. Accurate, fires consistently and the finish is still good even though I had heard of problems with it.
It gets carried daily.
Can't beat the Bersa products with a stick! (No matter how big the stick is) JMHO.
I've got four of them, two I bought new, a 380 and the 9UC and two I bought used, another 380 and the Fire Storm labeled 22lr. I'm still impressed with them enough that I bought a new Duo Tone for my brother. My only complaint is that the finishes wear a little faster than what I would have figured. Actually, I'm giving consideration to adding to the collection the 45UC.
Still happy with both of my Bersas. I have a Thunder 380, and liked it so much I bought the Thunder 22 to keep it company. I would buy another one tomorrow, but don't think I will have to because these suckers will be around for a long, long time!!
I'm still happy with mine. No failures of any kind with it.
Great Value

My Bersa 9UC will be 2 years old in Oct and has about 8000 rounds through it. My BT22 is just over a year old and has several thousand rounds shot through it. They are both great pistols, under rated, and well built.I got a great deal when I bought these pistols. They can't be beat for the money and ar well made and good quality handguns.
I never had the problem, so she figured it must be her.


I know the jam thing is probably her, but I also know there have to be other guns out there that aren't as sensitive to whatever she is doing.
<insert women and kitchen joke here>

I have a Thunder 380 Plus and a Thunder22 and couldn't be happier with them.
I have a Bersa Thunder 380 Duotone myself. The gun has been great for me as well. I have notice one small detail that bug me: the recoil spring appears to only go in one way and it's kind of hard to tell.

Other than that, yes the gun does ding up a bit more than anything else I've had. Fairly good trade if you ask me for the amount you pay for it and the reliability of it.
to say im happy with mine is a MAJOR understatment!i have a thunder pro .40,and i wouldnt part with has never jammed with me,and is always accurate and dependable.
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