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Bersa magazine compatibility

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I picked up a nice and gently used Bersa 95 had one mag with question is, what other Bersa mags will interchange with it???
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I replied on your other post by error but here it is again.

Howdy Marshal Sam Holland and Welcome to Bersa Pistol Forum from The Lone Star State.

On the ProMag web site they list several 380 Mags for about $24.99 to $27.25 and each are listed for use on the Bersa 383A, Series 95, Thunder 380, Firestorm 380 acp. However I don't have any first hand experience with them. Check them out.

Again Welcome on board.

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Thanks brother...I'll check with Promag
Thanks brother...I'll check with Promag
Hi Marshal
I have a listing on here for some Bersa 380 magazines for sale, $15 each shipped.
If you buy several at one time i might can go a little cheaper on price.
All of them are still in the original packaging and in good shape.
Here's the link
To the forum moderators if this is against the forum rules for what i have posted let me know and i will not do it again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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