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Bersa/Firestorm FS22?

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I have been trying to get one for a few years now and had no luck. They never have them in my local shops and then to order one on the guns sites + shipping + transefer fee it gets abit pricey. I still love the gun and really want one but I want to here from you guys that own then. Please let me know what you think, Mostly great things from what I have read, and if any one has one for sale let me know.

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It would be a Firestorm No Bersas. The problem is in the distirbuation.Only certrain ones and they have area,. Some dealers refuse to buy from Dist in his area .
Best to buy and find a tranfer that is reasonable. Hey you save on sales tax.
This was told to me by Eagle and they are looking to find a way to correct.
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