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Bersa 9mm Ultra Compact Pro

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Hi Everyone,
I have a new (three weeks old) Bersa 9mm UC Pro. While at the range, the safety bar separated from the frame. The right side lever actually fell off. I have sent to gun smith for repairs. It was suggested that I should be shooting 124 or 147 grain ammo instead of 115. As the 115 may have caused the problem.

Has this happened to anyone?[/SIZE]
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Mornin AllenAir,

"As the 115 may have caused the problem."
Who told you that?
De-cocker replacement.
Click here.
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I'm trying to figure out how/why shooting a lighter bullet that is only 32 grains lighter (147-115=32) will blow the side off of a weapon.
That is less weight than a small safety pin.

I understand that there could be more powder used with a lighter bullet, but to blow a Bersa apart? That would have to be one hot P+ load.

What am I missing here??
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Hi Hobbles,
It was a gentleman shooting in the lane next to me. Not sure who he is. From your response, it appears he didn't know what he was talking about. Won't be taking any advice from him....
Thank you for the repair pictures. I'm not sure how it came apart. I was shooting Federal's American Eagle 115 FMJ. No P+. Have never abused the Bersa, never dropped it and always cleaned after each range visit. Not sure what I did to have it come apart. I do appreciate your taking time to help me. I'll post what the gunsmith says when I get it back.
Thanks again.
Mornin AllenAir,
"it appears he didn't know what he was talking about."
I wonder why he said what he did, if he had a reason that I can't think of. I don't believe everything I hear, but I do listen.

"always cleaned after each range visit."
That is a good thing to do, I do the same.

"Eagle 115 FMJ. No P+"
I found, with mine, it likes a lighter load. I get the best/closest pattern with a light load but will still get good penetration. See clicky. These are set at one inch apart at 7 yards.

Don't get discouraged with your Bersa. I have replaced a few parts and did some customization on mine. I am impressed on how it is made and put together. Sometimes things just break, it don't mean you did anything wrong. I quit counting at 5000 rounds through mine and that was a few years ago. I wouldn't trade mine for nothing.
Hi Guys,

Received my Bersa back today and went to the range. Shot 75 rounds without anything falling off. Gunsmith didn't say what caused the problem, just fixed it. This is a wonderful gun. Thanks for the earlier advice.

Allen Air
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