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First time on the range. Jammed so bad the gunshop sent it back to Bersa.
Since then shot about 450 rounds. Still fails-FTF,FTE, about once every 30 or 40 rounds. Any ammo. Tried various types. Same result.
Bought this pistol for cc because of its size but have lost confidence and don't want to be at risk in a bad situation.
Even though the original price was low I have burned through $200 plus in ammo. Now I have a big investment in a questionable cc piece.
My SW Bodyguard and Glock 42 have never had failures. My Bersa 380 Thunder is reliable. My Shield 9 is a dream. BT 22 is a good shooter.
Now I have grooves in the slide rails even though I am manic about cleaning and using mill-spec military grease on the slide.
This piece goes into the safe permanently. I won't even sell it and put the next owner into a possibly risky situation.
I feel like this one is a lemon. I feel like I have been hosed.
Would appreciate feedback about what to do. Purchased Oct 2013.

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That's a real bummer Marine1960, my Bersa 380cc has been a dream and she is my carry weapon. I don't know if you were changed anything but if I was you I would send it back and tell them to fix it correctly this time. All my Bersa's work great however if you are having that much trouble Bersa should repair or replace it for you. I would contact Bersa and see what they will do for you.
Sorry to hear you are having that much problem with your Bersa 380cc.

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