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Barrel Rifling on UC9

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I was cleaning my UC9 the other night and I noticed that the barrel almost looks smooth when looking inside it. You can see what looks like the rifling, but it seems very faint. Almost like it is almost worn out and smooth. This cannot be normal. Gun is about 4 years old, but has not had that many rounds through it. Probably less than 1000, I would guess.

Any suggestions or ideas.
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The nature of the "beast" It's referred to as polygonal rifling. As I'm not an expert by and means, I refer to google for an explanation. It is supposed to increase the seal between the round and the barrel.

Hope this helps, I had to look it up myself some time back as I was used to the old style sharp edged rifling from the days of my military service and S&W 38s.
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Thanks for the reply. That is also what I have been able to find about it.
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