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Hello all,

We are happy to announce some upcoming changes to our Vendor Sign-Up process. As you know there have been hiccups in past when bringing new Vendors onboard and the new format has been designed to help streamline the procedure and hopefully lessen confusion between the site staff and our teams here at VS. These changes will be done on a “step-by-step” basis, and we will work with the site staff to adjust things as needed. We don’t have an official date of this rolling out but are hoping to have it done early this summer. As soon as we have a concrete timeframe we will update you, but wanted to make you aware of our plans as early as possible.

We will be moving towards an automated sign-up process for Vendors to allow them to join on their own and select options for their packages themselves. It is our hope that this will create a more transparent vendor experience, and allow the site staff to have a better visibility into who is coming on. When a new vendor signs up, vendor tags will be added to their account and a new subsection (if applicable) will be added to the site. When a vendor cancels their subscription their vendor status will automatically be removed and their subsection will be hidden.

We will also be adding a VS Subscription Support admin account that will be used by the Vendor Support team to work strictly with vendor accounts in the back-end. This account will not participate on the forum and will only be used for vendor account set-ups and changes. Resources within the company will also be channeled into strengthening the Vendor Support team so that they might better assist with any forum function issues that may be encountered.

To create a consistent experience on all of our sites we will be ensuring all have a parent Vendor category section. This category section will host any premium vendor sections (company specific sections) and Vendor Deals sections.

Premium vendor sections will be company-specific for vendors to post the latest deals, productions, and promotions offered by their company. Vendors with their own section will have moderator permissions to keep their subsection tidy.

Vendor Deals sections will be an open classified for all vendors to post advertisements, sales, promotions and group buys. No vendors will have permission to moderate within this section.

A set of Vendor Rules will be added to the site as well. Vendors will be required to follow these rules as well as the general rules of the forum. Failure to do so will lead to infractions being placed on the accounts. A copy of the rules will be posted to you soon for review. If there are already a set of vendor rules we can merge the two sets.

We will also be rolling out a new format for the registration page. It’s cleaner, mobile friendly, and still manages to import all additional information that the current registration system does. It should work well with all browsers on all devices. This will have no impact on existing users but we did want to give you guys a heads up.

When the program is launched it will be available for new vendors who wish to sign up immediately. Current vendors will be moved over to the new system in the second phase of the roll out. If you notice any issues or have any questions, please let us know so we can assist.

We do ask that you do not post this announcement to the Community. We will be announcing to the community, once we have answered all of your questions and you all feel confident in working with the community on this.

Thank you

The Community Support Team
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