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Hello Team,

We would like to announce that we will be setting up additions to the forum to allow vendors to participate on the site. These vendors will offer products and services that relate to the interests of the community. To prepare the site for this we will be adding the following:

Vendor Usergroup: All authorized vendors for the site will be added to the Vendor Usergroup. This will give them a badge and label on their account that will help you and community identify them as official site vendors. If you notice a user commercially posting to the site that does not have this vendor tag, please post about it in the Team to VS Section and we can investigate. They might be a vendor missing their tag or a new company that still needs to gain official status.

Vendor Category: We will be adding a new category section to the site. This area will host the vendor deals section and dedicated company sub sections. Rules will also be added to the site that will dictate vendor posting behaviour. The most important rule will be that vendors will only be allowed to advertise in their company subsection or in the Vendor Deals section. This is to prevent commercial posting from occurring in open areas of the forum that should be left for technical discussion. However, if a vendor wishes to participate in discussion in other parts of the forum they are free to do so, as long as they are not advertising their products in doing so.

Dedicated Company Subsections: These will act as the Vendors shop on the forum and Vendors will have moderator permission in their own sections to keep them clean. This includes the permission to edit and delete posts and topics. Vendors should not be using these permissions to delete negative feedback and any Vendor discovered to be doing so would be in violation of the vendor rules, possibly leading to their being banned from the forum.

Vendor Deals Section: This is an open vendor section, to be used by any vendors to advertise products, deals, or offer group-buys. Vendors will not have moderator permission in this section of the site since it is an open area.

Vendor Rules: A set a vendor rules will be added to the vendor sections of the site and either the new member section or the forum information section (depending on how the forum is set up). When vendors are brought onto the site they will be given a copy of the rules to review. Vendors are expected to follow the general rules of the forum that apply to all members and the vendor rules that apply only to them. Failure to comply with the rules or multiple offenses of rule breaking can lead to the vendor being removed from the site. If you do notice an issue with a vendor please report this to the Community Support Team using the Team to Verticalscope/AutoGuide/Petguide/ section of the Mod area.

If you have any concerns in regards to us adding vendors or if you ever need assistance with vendors or any forum related issue please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always here to help.

Thank you

The Community Support Team
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