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Another trip to the range w/Thunder 45 UC Pro

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Same as the first. Accurate as all get out. Feeds, fires, ejects every time. Still having problems with trigger bite. After a while it draws blood. Tried a grip sleeve with little effect. Looks like something that I will just have to put up with. :(. Overall...still happy.
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I traded mine away. Accurate gun but had to be repaired twice, the Take down pin broke. more issues than I wanted.
So far no problems that need repair on mine. Just needs a little bit more of a beavertail. Same or similar to a GI 1911. A bandaid is what I use when I take that one to the range. Guess I can do the same with the Bersa. All in all it's a reliable and accurate firearm with just that one shortcoming. Not likely that I will trade it as trade value is not that high.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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